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Armed To Fight

I have strong reverence for armies and the other members of the military team. I deeply appreciate them for their gallantry. As what the first Philippine lady President had once said,” I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life”.  Members of the military forces must have certainly live by this maxim. Truly, it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees according to Delores Ibarruri. I believe that not everyone has the gift of valor. Being a member of the military force is such a heroic job. It means sacrificing yourself towards serving your nation.

A friend of mine who happened to be a daughter of a military once shared to me her family’s experience. This took place when she was a little tot. She was teary eyed when she told me the story. Her father, being part of the armed forces, was sent to war zones in order to recoup the territory that was infested with bandits. They thought that they would lose their father at that very moment. They were so dismayed when they saw their father’s name flashed on the television screen as one of those who was expended during the clash.
Blessings indeed come in disguise! When everyone else in their family was lamenting for the believed death of their father, an acquaintance surprisingly came to their house bringing good news. The news that they heard was a false alarm. It was a serious miscommunication. To their surprise, their daddy is alive and they were more than happy to know that.

The military system dated back in as early as the 1274 BC. It first started in the classical Battle of Kadesh wherein Pharaoh Ramesses II celebrated his triumph over the battle. Since then, the military team had armed themselves with tools in order to won the clash between adversaries. During the Stone Age, warriors sharpen stones to come up with spears. That was the ancient artillery of the warriors. Technology brought about so many changes in the society especially in the armaments of military. World War I launched sophisticated technology in the military system. They began using tanks and military aviation. Aviation was significantly used for bombings during the World War I. Many improvements took place during the 1939 to 1945. It was also at this era that they have developed highly sophisticated means of communication through the use of radar. CB radios were used for communication. They specifically used the CB radio ten-code in order to lessen misunderstandings. This has become very crucial for military so as they can relay messages speedily.

Nowadays, many people have continued to join the armed forces despite the jeopardy it involves. This is all for the victory of a country and the entire society. There are several reasons people wanted to join the military force, it could be coming from either internal or external motivation.  But they all come up with one common good reason and that is to fight for the greater glory of humanity.